It Ran Right Past You


The other day I was out for a walk with my dog. She’s part beagle so there’s a lot of stopping to sniff.  On this morning, I could tell that she was hot on the trail of something just as we were leaving the park. She buried her nose deep into the grass, her eyes looking down.  Just before she raised her head, a rabbit darted past her, no more than 5 feet away. She never saw it.

I laughed at her for a bit on the way home and then realized that this was yet another time that I learned something from my dog. She was so focused on following the scent of what she was after, she missed, never realizing it was so close (not that I would’ve let her get it). How often do people do the same thing? We’re trying to find the person that will make us happy, or the job that will make us feel satisfied, or the “perfect” house, that we miss what we really want.

We miss the moments with our loved ones as we surf the Internet. We miss getting to know the person who we could end up wanting to spend our lives with because they don’t have “the look” we’re looking for on a dating site or because we’re distracted by the TV in the bar and don’t see the woman who’s smiling at us from another table. We pass up what could turn out to be a great job opportunity because it’s not our “dream job”.

If my dog had looked up once in awhile, she might have seen the rabbit and I might not writing this post, because she wouldn’t have missed what she was looking for and  I’d probably have a dislocated shoulder.  In that circumstance, I’m glad she was so distracted by following her nose that she missed her target, but it isn’t how we should live.

While we’re looking for that person, or job, or house, or car, or whatever that we want in our lives, we have to remember to look around us too. If not, what we’re looking for could run right past us and we’d never know.

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