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I’ve written about doing my own “Year of YES” based on Shonda Rhimes book. It’s a little challenging given, well you know, that thing that has thrown off most of ours lives for the past two years that we won’t name in this post.

In the Year of YES Journal the first month has a prompt for YES that says:

Yes to Beautiful

I am not interested in simply accepting myself for who I am. That’s a basic existence. I want to ENJOY who I am. I’m delightful, I’m gorgeous, I’m EVERYTHING. You are too.

– Shonda Rhimes Year of YES Journal, page 1

As January was starting I intended to says YES to:

  • Disconnecting from the mindless to connect to the things that really matter
  • Respecting my body and soul

Let’s just say that I’m going to want to take another crack at all of these and leave it at that. I’ve thought about it, I know that I lost my focus, and now I’m going to be a goldfish and move on to February.

The prompt for February says YES to Doing – Be a doer not a dreamer and then goes on to provide a page full of advice including finding a song that makes you feel powerful, find someone who inspires you (she included Eleanor Roosevelt, who was a real badass), read a book that inspires you to “do”, do something different than what you’ve always done, and a final bit that is such an important message:

Get dressed. I’m serious. Take a shower. Get clean. And get dressed. It is amazing how your brain starts to hum when you are wearing a clean pair of underwear. In clean panties, anything is possible.”

– Shonda Rhimes Year of YES Journal, page 37

So this month, I’m going to “Do”. I’m going to:

  • Read – I intend to finish at least 2 books
  • Disconnect – I intend to put limits on social media and stick to them
  • Save – I intend to not buy anything except groceries this month (more on this in next episode of the podcast on Monday)
  • Declutter – I intend to declutter at least one space, even if it’s a very small space every week
  • Walk – I intend to got for at least two walks outside every week (it’s still winter, remember)
  • Contribute – I intend to record at least three podcasts in February and bring my passion to my work

For bonus, I’m also going to try to “ENJOY who I am.”

What will you “Do” in February

Featured image courtesy of C Watts under a CC-BY license.

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