We’ve gotten a lot of snow in the past few days. A ridiculous amount of snow for the beginning of April. Any other year I would be appalled at seeing that much snow at the beginning of April, but not this year.

This year I look out the window and the view is beautiful. Fluffy snow covering is everything, including the ever greens in our front and backyard. I can focus on the beauty of the snow because I’m not trudging through it or slipping on ice on my way to the bus in the morning. 

I’m worried about my friends and family spread out different states and provinces, but I get a little bit of peace from my worries when I look out at the snow.

I miss seeing my colleagues and the students roaming around the university, but I also get some relief from that and the worry when I have lunch with my family every day. I couldn’t do this if I wasn’t working from home.

I wish that my wife and I could go out for a date night, but I love that we get time together because it only takes me 30 seconds to get to work in the morning instead of 30 minutes.

It makes me feel anxious and ill that so many people are suffering right now, worrying about their health, safety, finances, and the future, but I’m talking more with friends who are far away.

I’m not ignoring everything that is so sad right now, but I know that I’m in a better position than probably 90 percent of the world right now, and for that I’m grateful. I’m also one of a very large portion of the world’s population that struggles with mental health, so seeking out positive things helps to keep me healthy.

Enjoy your family’s company, the extra time to read or listen to music or cook. Enjoy phone calls with friends. Enjoy the beauty of the snow.

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