In early 2019 I was deep in my depression. We hadn’t yet found the right medication for me. I felt miserable. It was winter so quite outside and kind of chilly in our house. 

One afternoon I was talking to my wife in our bedroom and mentioned that I was really tired and just wanted to crawl back into bed. She said there was nothing wrong with taking a nap, but suggested that I lay down on her side of the bed because the sun was shining on it through our big picture window.

I did as she suggested and fell asleep and I slept and slept and slept. The sun was warm through the glass and it felt so comforting. I’m not a napper and I usually have trouble sleeping when I’m depressed (this is one of the reasons that people with depression are often tired) so to have had that amazing of a nap was incredible. I finally understood why our dogs have always loved to curl up wherever the sun is shining through a window, regardless of how uncomfortable that spot appears to us.

That was a very simple thing that brought me not only needed rest, but some joy when I was seriously lacking it. This year, spring has seemed to be taking its time before coming to Saskatchewan and we’ve had a lot of grey and cold days. As I write this, the sun is finally shining through the windows and while I feel rested, part of me wants to go curl up in a sunny spot and nap. 

I’m finding, however, that as we’re safe at home (as opposed to stuck at home) there are other simple things that are bringing me that same peaceful joy that I felt that afternoon — curling up on the couch reading a book, dancing with my daughter, chatting with a friend. While travel or even going to our local farmers’ market are off the table, it’s the simple things that offer us the opportunity for some of that peaceful joy.

Look for your spot in the sun. Let your mind and body rest. Find joy in the simple things and share it with others. 

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