I Acknowledge That …

I was recently listening to an episode of Brendon Burchard’s podcast in which he was talking talking about reducing stress and increasing self confidence. In it he talked about the importance of celebrating our achievements, which I think is something that has gone by the wayside for a lot of people in the past year. I think it’s also something that women do a lot less of than men in general.

It hadn’t occurred to me until I was listening to the podcast just how important acknowledging accomplishments can be to your self-confidence. Those acknowledgments remind us of what we have been able to do in the past when we’re wondering if we can get through a situation in the present or future.

So here’s my challenge to you. Pull out a piece of paper (yes paper) and write down at least five things that you have achieved in your life. Once your list is done post it on a wall or stick it in journal, anywhere that you can easily see it to remind you of what you’ve already managed to do.

Here are some from me:

  • I gave birth and am a good parent.
  • I launched a podcast just as we were locked down because of the pandemic
  • I created and play an instrumental role in the successful open educational practices initiative at our university
  • I’ve been invited to and delivered well-received keynote addresses at conferences
  • I’ve made it through several bouts of depression and come out stronger each time

Yes, I accomplished these things with the support of others, but that doesn’t diminish what I’ve done. This isn’t a list meant to brag to others, but rather to serve as a reminder to myself / yourself that I’ve / you’ve made it through challenges in life and will make it through more to come.

Featured image – That’s me getting ready to record an episode of the Better Me Podcast.

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