Looking For Some Joy? Be Grateful, Mindful, and Intentional

Little girl blowing bubbles

I think most of us are feeling the heavy weight of the world these day what with the pandemic, climate change, and other events, which makes it harder for us to experience moments of joy. For the past week I’ve been trying to seek out or pay more attention to things that can bring me joy. To help me with this, I’ve started journaling about it in the mornings.

I start my day by writing down a few things I’m grateful for, which can help to improve mood. Then, looking at my schedule for the day, I list things that might bring me joy throughout the day — a workout, breakfast with my wife, time with my daughter, cuddles with the dogs, a social or work related meeting with a friend (even if it’s virtual), time to write, etc.

By writing it down A) I can return to my list throughout the day to remind me of the opportunities for joy and not let them get knocked out of the way by something less pleasant, and B) I will be more likely to pay attention to those moments when they happen.

Finally, after noting some gratitudes and potentials for joy, I write down a few intentions for the day. This trifecta of my morning journal pages helps set me up for experiencing joy in my day and makes me more mindful of what I need to do and what I need to focus on.

As we struggle through these times, joy may seem allusive, but looking for it and doing things to help make those moments happen are in your control. Going looking for some joy.

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