Show Gratitude By Getting Rid of Things

Stack of Children’s Books

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada. We’re keeping it pretty low key this year and had our turkey earlier in the weekend. As a result, I’m writing this at my kitchen counter, waiting to watch game four of the playoff series between the LA Dodgers and Atlanta Braves (go Dodgers!) with my family.

Yesterday, our daughter, out of the blue, came downstairs with a large stack of books and placed them on the counter, about a foot from where I’m currently sitting. She had decided that she had outgrown these books and that they should find new homes with some children who may get as much joy from them as she has. I’m beaming with pride just writing this paragraph.Stack of Children’s Books

Two years ago I saw an article about a clever way of decided what clothes to purge from your closet. The writer recommended that you turn all of your coat hangers around to start, and turn them the opposite way when you wore that item of clothing. Anything not turned around, say a year later, should go. Last November I pulled everything that I hadn’t worn as well as everything that no longer fit me because of my weight loss and packed some boxes for donations. I then turned all of my hangers around again and marked my calendar (is that the right phrase when it’s a digital calendar) for one year later. Next month I’ll pull our anything that I haven’t worn in the past year and repeat the activity from last fall.

I’m so grateful for the abundance in my life and sharing that with others is a good way to demonstrate that gratitude. In addition, clearing out things that I no longer wear, books we no longer read, and paper that shouldn’t have been sitting on that flat service for so long, is good for mental health as well. Clutter around you prevents you from having a clear mind as well.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May your next year be filled with much to be grateful for.

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