Three Steps Forward, One Step Back

Boy eating ice cream

More than twenty years ago I moved from Southern California to Saskatchewan, Canada in the middle of winter. It was bitter, and if I hadn’t been in love (the reason for the move) I would have been bitter. 

It’s not unusual for winter in Saskatchewan to include several days where the temperature dips to -40, which is the same in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. There’s snow and ice and most people grumble about it a lot. Summers however, are gorgeous with temperatures frequently reaching into the 30s Celsius, which is in the high 80s or more Fahrenheit. People spend a lot of time outside and it’s great. 

Spring and fall, however are really hit and miss. This spring we all got excited because in mid April the snow in Saskatoon was gone and my daughter was wearing shorts. Today, May 1, she’s moping because her first baseball game of the season, which was to be played tonight was cancelled because it’s below 5 degrees C. Friday’s game may not happen because it may actually snow a bit. We kind of took three steps forward on the weather, and then a step or two back.

I understand her moping. I was doing that a bit the past week. I’m a lot healthier than I was, but the doctors are still trying to get me to the right dosage of the medication that I’m taking. I was hoping that we’d found the right one, but then I took a day off working out right after I got back from the conference and the next morning  I felt my anxiety ramping up. This was something I hadn’t felt in several weeks. Then the doctors increased my dosage and I got the headache that I get whenever they make a change to my medication.

I took three steps forward and then was pushed back one step. 

I moped a bit, but realized A) that wasn’t going to help me, B) this was a short-term setback, and C) I’m still at least two steps ahead of where I was even six weeks ago (I told my daughter A and B in response to her own moping about baseball). 

My headache is better and I’m feeling pretty good today. It’s cold out, but our favourite ice cream place – a shack in a parking lot not far from our house – opened today. Maybe there’s no baseball, but I’m going for a chocolate dipped vanilla ice cream in a cone after dinner.

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