What I Miss

Two dogs at dog park

I was thinking about what I’m missing with having to stay home. Here are things I’m missing:

  • A working dishwasher – our 10-year-old dishwasher gave out on us just a few days after the stay at home to stay safe stuff started. We’re waiting on it being over to replace it.
  • Not worrying that my wife goes to the grocery store
  • Not worrying that my parents are going to the grocery store
  • Being on campus at the university – I enjoy working from home, but the University of Saskatchewan is a beautiful campus, especially once the snow melts.
  • Going to the dog park – we’ve been taking our dog for walks, but we’ve seen people gathering in groups at the dog park so we’ve stuck to paths and sidewalks.
  • Walking on Broadway – Broadway is a street in Saskatoon that has a section a few blocks long with shops and restaurants that are mostly independent and locally owned. 
  • Hearing from our daughter how her day at school was, who she hung out with, and what sports she played in gym class or at recess
  • Just running into a friend when we’re out and about
  • Popping over to the grocery store any time we just need one or two items

Things I Don’t Miss:

  • Going out in the cold to get to work
  • Leaving our house at 8 AM to get to work and getting home around 5:15. Working from home has given me almost an hour and a half more to do as I want – sleep, workout, chat with my wife.
  • Eating in restaurants, which we normally do probably five or six times per month. We enjoy eating good meals in restaurants, but my wife is an amazing cook and has been cooking a lot for us because she’s also home.

Something I Wonder:

  • I’m genuinely curious if people have finally realized how much cheaper it is to make avocado toast at home.

Featured image courtesy of gomagoti under a CC-BY-SA license.

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