Every weekday morning I have an online meeting with my team at the university. It’s only 30 minutes and gives us a chance to check in with each other and ask questions. It’s brief, but effective. It’s also work.

What are you doing to connect with others for fun? Seriously, let’s share some ideas.

Rainbow cake.
Cake and photo by Mary Burgess

Saturday my wife, our daughter, and myself connected virtually with a couple of family members to play a game. We set up an iPad on our kitchen table while they had a laptop on their backyard patio table (they’re in Texas) and we played a dice game that we all learned last year. We chatted, we played, we laughed. It was great.

On Monday I spoke with my good friend, Mary who shared with that her organization is engaging in their own version of The Great Canadian Banking Show. Each week they have a category (this week was cake, next week is bread) of which they need to bake an item.

They have two judges, one of whom was a contestant on one of these shows, who judge the look of the baked item. Family members who are already in the home with the baker are the tasters and they join in to give their reviews of how the baked goods taste.

Mary won the cake competition this week with her beautiful rainbow cake. She also informed me that one of her colleagues is going to put together a cook book of all of their recipes.

See you can have fun while social distancing. So what are you doing? Let me know in the comments below.

Featured image courtesy of Andrea Goh under a CC-BY license.

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