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As we head into long weekends in Canada and the U.S. I thought I’d share some ideas for podcasts you may want to check out:

  • Becoming Better – this is by writer Chris Bailey (The Productivity Project and Hyperfocus: How to Be More Productive in a World of Distraction) and his wife Ardyn. While you may not be interested in productivity, you may still enjoy the witty banter between them.
  • Under the Influence – this long-running podcast by former adman Terry O’Reilly is both interesting and usually quite entertaining. Each episode O’Reilly tells the  stories behind some of the famous and not-so-famous commercials, marketing campaigns, and other media related goodies.
  • Unlocking Us – this is one of two of Brene Brown’s podcasts. Right now and for the next few weeks she and her sisters are talking about the principles behind Brown’s book The Gifts of Imperfection. The podcast is funny, but also very deep at times, oh, and not safe for work. It’s a Spotify exclusive, but still free to listen to.
  • The Accidental Creative – this podcast is hosted by writer and speaker Todd Henry whose books include The Accidental Creative, Die Empty

Those are the three that I’m intentionally listening to do these days. There are three others that I hear as I’m drifting off at night because that’s when my wife is listening to them, so I’m going to pass these on to you as well:

  • Good Life Project – Jonathan Fields interviews often interesting guests about what it means to live a good life.
  • Happier With Gretchen Rubin – the author of such books as The Happiness Project and The Four Tendencis has a podcast with her sister, screenwriter Elizabeth Craft (Lie to MeThe ShieldVampire Diaries) where they talk about life and ideas for living it better.
  • Ten Percent Happier – this podcast is brought to you by the same people as my favourite meditation app (with the same name). Host Dan Harris interviews famous and not-so-famous  people about their meditation practices and why they meditate.


  • Better Me Podcast – in case you haven’t listened yet, this is me and there are 57 episodes and counting so go catch up (and share it with others).

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