Life Can Beat You Up. Don’t Help It.

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I heard a quote from a golfer the other day that really spoke to me. I honestly don’t remember who it was or the exact phrasing, but it was something like, “Golf can beat you up. Don’t help it by beating yourself up.”

Yes, that’s absolutely true when it comes to golf. If you have a bad hole, let it go, hopefully learn from it, and then move on. The game of golf doesn’t need my help by me beating myself up over each hole. The game certainly does that enough for me.

Life is the same way. Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has things happen that knock them down. Life beats us all up, and like golf, it doesn’t need our help with the beating. Self-talk that makes us feel bad, doesn’t teach us anything, and doesn’t make us better helps life to knock us around.

It’s a hard habit to break, but break it we must because otherwise it will break us.

Featured Image Courtesy of Niicolas Celaya under a CC-BY licenses.

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