Saying ‘Yes’ to Being Consistant

Woman meditating by the side of a lake

For the first Better Me Podcast of 2022 I talked about trying to be consistent while not beating myself over some stumbles here and there. Some of the things that I’ve done well at being consistent at during the first six weeks of the year include:

  • I’ve meditated every day for at least five minutes.
  • I’ve written in my Year of Yes journal, answering the daily prompts each day
  • I’ve connected with at least one friend each week for a virtual tea and conversation
  • I’ve exercised at least 5 days per week every week
  • I’ve written 2 blog posts per week since I returned from my holiday break

Somethings I have stumbled on include:

  • I haven’t been hitting my healthy fluid goal most days – not paying attention
  • I haven’t reduced my social media time – not resisting the temptation
  • I haven’t turned off all screens as early as I want to be every night – not wanting to get out of my comfy living room chair to and get ready for bed when it’s cold

I’m trying to be more consistent in 2022. I’m six weeks in doing better than I did most of last year so I think I’m off to a good start.

How are your intentions / goals / new habits for 2022 coming along?

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