One of the first things that I do every morning is stretch. Flexibility wanes as we get older, but is important to avoid injuries. I’ve never been particularly diligent about stretching before and after workouts, but I’m pretty close to consistent about those couple of minutes of stretching when I get first get up.

The lack of consistent stretches  pre and post-workout isn’t good for me, I know it isn’t good for me, but like the significant amount of sugar I’ve had in the past couple of months, I haven’t figured out how to get myself on track.

Stretching hamstrings and deltoids aren’t the only types of stretches we should be doing in our lives though. We should be “stretching” our brains by learning, “stretching” our patience through something like meditation, and “stretching” our courage and confidence by trying new and more challenging things.

I have a quote from James Clear, author of Automic Habits, hanging on my bathroom mirror just below my purpose statement. The quote says:

How long will you put off what you are capable of doing just to continue what you are comfortable doing?

James Clear

Sometimes we see something all the time and we stop paying attention to it. I realized this morning that I had done that with this quote (remember, bloggers and writers often publish the messages that we ourselves need to hear) and that has to change.

Like physical stretching, I need to be more consistent about stretching the other parts of me as well. Our bodies and minds need to be stretched. Our minds like to be challenged, and a diet of only the news or other types of popular media isn’t the challenge it’s looking for.

I’ve been good about stretching my patience and focus through meditation, and both my job and interests require me to stretch my mind through learning. After losing both my confidence and courage almost two years ago, however, I need to pull them back out and start stretching those parts of me, while engaging in ongoing self-care.

I know that I have much to offer, but I need to get back to moving beyond just the things that make me comfortable and be consistent in stretching myself to see what I am capable of.

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