Better Me Podcast – Getting Past Your ‘Mego’ (with Ted Mouradian)

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Episode 4 – Getting Past Your ‘Mego’ (Guest Ted Mouradian)

Heather sits down with author, speaker, entrepreneur, and president of The 2% Factor Inc., Ted Mouradian to talk about his Law of Cooperative Action and getting past your “mego” during these difficult times.

For more information about Ted, the Law of Cooperative Action, and The 2% Factor, see or email Ted at


  1. Nomsa Dlamini says:

    Thanks for sharing, such a challenging talk. Very supportive to those of us who don’t like discussing our experience. It’s so broad for it answered issues I have about work relationships, society and life in general. What Ted mentioned about the fact that we can’t change people we have to work at controlling how we navigate the stream. Yes the tribalism must stop. Very inspiring and refreshing as most talks are about individuals rather than the issues we are facing in the world. Thanks H thanks Ted.

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