Eating Foods of One Colour

Red, yellow, and orange peppers

We have an 11-year-old who’s bored so we’ve been trying to come up with cool ideas for things she can do. As part of this, we asked for her suggestions and she had one that we agreed we would all do together. For one entire day, each of us could only eat food of one or two colours.

We picked a Saturday to do this and a few days before she put little slips of paper with colours written on them in a hat for us to pick. We obtained our needed groceries and dove in without complaint.

My wife’s slip said white / beige / brown. She was thrilled because this meant she could have bread, eggs, cheese, yogurt, turkey, and coffee. She figured she could go without vegetation for one day.

My slip said orange / red. I had been the least enthusiastic about this idea going in, but I totally scored on this one. I spent the day eating tomatoes, apples, oranges, sweet potatoes, smoked salmon, and a butternut squash pasta for supper.

The brains behind this idea, our daughter, sadly pulled yellow. She wrote the papers out and probably hadn’t thought through what she would eat if she pulled the slip that just said yellow. I felt for her so I said she deserved to have a second colour so I would share orange, and my butternut squash pasta with her. She had the yolks from my wife’s eggs (yellow), plus oranges, orange jello, and some other items I don’t remember, but I think she was happy with how her idea had turned out.

I missed my morning eggs and my homemade matcha latte on that Saturday, but this experiment certainly made us more mindful of what we ate that day and it was a fun way to cut through the boredom. I recommend trying either the foods of one or two colours for a day or something like it to break away from the Groundhog Day feeling you may be experiencing.

Featured image courtesy of Austin Kirk under a CC-BY license

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