The Mindfulness of Bubbles

Remember when you were a little kid and you would blow bubbles? You’d watch them float around for a few seconds, the sun shining on them, creating drifting rainbows.Those bubbles could keep you attention and entertain you for at least several minutes, but at some point, bubbles stopped grabbing our attention. Blowing bubbles stopped being something we do.

The things is, we encounter bubbles every day, even if we’re not blowing them. If we let them, they can hold our attention for even a few moments, providing us with an opportunity to shut everything else out.

When we wash our hands we can watch the bubbles form on them as the soap lather covers our skin. And then we can watch as the bubbles slip off our hands and into the sink as the water falls to rinse the soap away.

Bubbles form when I shake my smoothie before drinking it or when I foam milk for a tea latte.

There’s bubbles on the pots and pans that I wash in our kitchen sink. Sometimes, those bubbles float around me like the bubbles did when I was a child.

There’s bubbles in drinks such as soda or beer.

There’s bubbles in a relaxing hot bath or on your skin during a shower

We see bubbles a lot more than we realize. If we pay more attention to those bubbles in the moments while we’re washing our hands or the dishes or having a bath, if we focus on the bubbles for just a little while, we can give our minds a break from everything else.

See the bubbles. Give them a few minutes of your undivided time.

Featured image courtesy of Steve Jurvetson under a CC-BY license.

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