There’s a Limit to The Clothes You Can Take Off in Public

Woman in coat in the snow

I’ve lived in Canada for almost 25 years, but as I’ve mentioned, I grew up in Southern California. On several occasions I’ve been asked how do I handle the cold winters here.

First, let me state something important, for those of you who don’t understand the climate here in Southern Saskatchewan. Yes, winter can be damn cold, snot freezing cold, but summers are generally hot. We had several days this summer that got up to the low to mid 30 Celsius (high 80s to mid 90s Fahrenheit). We have central air and we use it.

But winters, again, can be damn cold.

My answer to the question about handling the cold hasn’t changed over the years:

In Saskatchewan winters I just put on another layer of clothes or a warmer jacket, but even when the temperature exceeds 100 in California, there’s a limit to the clothes that you can take off in public.

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