What Do You Do When You’re Waiting?

People waiting for subway just as it’s coming in

Our home computer is old. My current work computer that I’ve had at home for about a year is also old. If I’m working on either of them (as opposed to my iPad that I’m typing this on) I will, absolutely will see the spinning rainbow on my screen at some point. I will need to wait until the various simultaneous processes work their way through the traffic jam.

I have a few options as to what I can do while I’m waiting. If it’s only spinning for one app, I might switch windows to work on a different task (I think spinning rainbows and such are part of the reason we can’t focus on one thing anymore). If it’s the whole computer, I can pick up my phone or iPad and work on something else or check social media. I can get up and grab something to eat even thought I’m probably not really hungry in that moment. I can get really frustrated AND do one or more of these things. But none of these are my best options.

The other day I was on my work computer when the little spinning rainbow ball reared it’s annoying head and I thought, “Breath, just breath. Now have some water. Stand up and just stretch.” These are all better options, and they’re good for other times that I find myself waiting.

In line at the grocery store? Maybe don’t stretch, but just relax. I don’t need to pull out my phone or ruminate on anything.

Waiting at a traffic light, that’s a perfect time to take some calming breaths and have a drink of water ( I try to always have some with me). Just keep your eyes open so you can see if the light changes.

I’m trying to think of the time I have to wait as time I’m gifted with to rest my eyes from staring at the screen or pulling back from the feeling of need to rush when I’m out and about. Slow down. Breath. Take in the moment. And just wait.

Featured image courtesy of Yanping Nora Soon under a CC-BY-SA license

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