The podcast is paused for the summer, but I already have eight amazing guests booked for the fall. This means I have some prep to do, including reading some new books they’re releasing in the next couple of months. New episodes will be coming out early in September.

Things are mostly quiet around the university right now, but that will end in about five weeks. I have workshops to prep for and at least one new course to design.

It’s summer in Saskatchewan so now is the time to pull out the bug spray and sunscreen and get outside for long walks, golf, and other outdoor activities (last week went lawn bowling for the first time, which is a little like curling on grass).

My daughter starts high school in September and may soon no longer want to spend time with us, so I’m trying to get in as much fun with her now.

Given all of the above, this blog is going on a sabbatical for the next several weeks because something has to give, and I decided taking time off from writing blog posts was the best option.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and stay healthy.

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