My Manifesto

I’ve had a blog for about 12 years where I write about education, which is the field in which I currently work. I started the Better Me blog because I found myself starting to write more and more posts on the topics you find here and they really don’t fit on my education blog. In the past couple of years, however, prior to starting Better Me, I did write a few posts on that blog on topics I want to cover here. When I write those new posts, I’ll link to the older ones on my education blog, as I’m doing below.

One of my habits that I try to do twice a day is to review my manifesto. This is a short document of just 10 statements. I got the idea for doing this from a blog post by author and consultant Todd Henry. Actually, I think this was one of the first things that I read by him (I do recommend his books as well). I really enjoyed and was inspired by Henry’s own manifesto that he detailed in the blog post, and I even took some of his ideas because they sounded so good, including one I copied word for word.

I figured that my own manifesto would be revised periodically especially in the first little while to make sure that it fit with who I really am, who I see myself as, or who I’d like to become. As I said, I review it twice a day and usually put some thought into how it applies to that day. The more I do that the more realize that my initial instinct, my first draft of my manifesto fits rather well with what is important to me in life.

I’ve pasted it in below with the one I took from Todd Henry in quotations. When I wrote the initial post about this on my education blog, I simply suggested that it was a good idea to write this and that others should consider it. But it wasn’t in the writing that I’ve gotten the most out of it, but rather in the reviewing of it every day, and making sure that I’m living up to what I indicated were my values, my aspirations for how I want to live my life on a daily basis. Reading it is one of the first things I do every morning, and then I try and remember to do it in the afternoon, in the middle of my workday to help centre me. I have a copy next my bed, a copy hanging by my desk at work, and a copy that I keep in my planner. And because I wrote a blog post on it I can refer to it there, and now here.

I do think that I’ll probably modify it, even if just a little bit as time goes on, but for now these are the principles that guide me. I recommend that people try writing their own list and reviewing it at least once a day. Doing so has had a noticeable influence on my daily actions and movement toward my goals.

My Manifesto

  • Love fully my family, my friends, the stranger, and myself
  • Bring my passion to everything that I do
  • Do things that make the world a better place
  • Inspire and support others to live their lives as the best people they can be
  • Challenge myself to learn, to try new things, to grow
  • Care for my body and soul by eating healthy, being active, meditating, and listening to my body
  • Let go of the things from the past or present that I can’t change, and stop worrying about things that don’t really matter
  • Be ordered – “Your daily personal habits and rituals determine your destiny”
  • Be genuine – Be who I am, do what I do, and don’t compare myself to others
  • Learn from it all, each success, each mistake, each joy, and each heartbreak


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