Life is Full of Risks

Passengers on an airplane, view from the rear

I know that life is full of risks. I could slip in the shower or choke on some food. The past couple of years risks have been front and centre. There’s the pandemic (will I get sick, will my wife, will our daughter), sometimes violent political protests, climate change, murder wasps (I picture Jason from the Halloween movies, but the size of a wasp).

We’ve done everything we can to mitigate the risks associated with the pandemic. We’ve worn masks from the start and continued to wear them even when not required. We’ve limited who came into our home and did most of our visiting with people outside. We’ve been vaccinated. And we haven’t travelled. We took these measures to protect ourselves and others.

I know a lot of people haven’t seen family members for a long time. I understand that feeling. My parents, who still live in California came to visit us in the summer of 2018. I expected I’d visit them in 2020 and they were suppose to come here again this year for our daughter’s bat mitzvah. Neither of those trips happened.

As new restrictions for flying both in Canada and to the U.S. (vaccinations, negative tests, and masks) my wife said I should go see my parents. My parents wanted this too. I, however, wasn’t sure.

While I’m vaccinated and would have to take a test before flying down there, and my parents are both vaccinated, I worried that I could put them at risk. My dad is 80 and my mom is 79. 

I said to my wife “what if they get sick because of me? I’d feel so bad about visiting them.”

She responded “if you don’t go and something happens to them, you’d feel even worse.”

So I have a tripped booked. I’m leaving on a jet plane in less than two weeks, and I’ll be back a week later. 

Life is full of risks. You do what you can to minimize or mitigate them, but you can’t eliminate them so you way your options. Is what you’re going to do worth it? In this case, yes.

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