Walk, Run … Stop to Sniff

Dog walking in park

I haven’t been on my treadmill very much lately. Instead I’ve been taking my dog on two to three mile walk / runs. Of course, because she’s part beagle (best guess), it’s actually a walk / run / stop to sniff things (her, not me).

I’ve often thought of our dogs as great teachers for me.  Some of the insights I’ve gained include:

• Say hello to everyone you pass on the road

• Always show your excitement when you see a friend even if you just saw them 

• Save your vulnerability for those you trust

• Just being there for someone who’s hurting is often all they need from you

• Get a lot of sleep

• Get a lot of exercise

Lately she’s been reminding me of how important it is to get outside, and that it’s a good thing, while we’re running or even walking quickly through live, to stop, just stop and pay attention to what’s right in front of our noses.

Our morning walks have been the highlight of a very bad 2020. I’m grateful for those walks and for all that she and her predecessors have taught me.

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