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I launched this blog in the Fall of 2017 and continued it through a very challenging bout of depression that started not quite a year later, and I continue to publish two posts per week. 

In the Summer of 2019 I set a goal that I wanted to launch a podcast to go along with the site. I even wrote about that goal in a blog post, saying that I would launch it by the end of the year. That didn’t happen. I doubted myself and kept putting off acting on it. Then I mentioned it to my friend Terry while I was a guest on his podcast, and he introduced me to Stephen from VoiceEd Radio who was really excited about it.

The podcast launched in March of this year and Stephen edits and hosts it for me. I am very grateful to him and Terry for making this happen. Episode 29 went live yesterday, featuring my conversation with author and fellow podcaster Kathryn Nicolai. Episodes 31, 32, and 33 have already been recorded, all with guests, and several more scheduled. When I started I thought I might get an occasional guest, but now I not only have people like Todd Henry and Jessica Morey saying yes, I’ve started receiving pitches from publishers offering their clients as guests.

I launched the Better Me Weekly email in late 2019, which features links to the latest blog posts and most recent episode of the podcast, along with some additional insights from me, a quote to consider, and links to some of the things I’ve read / watched / listened to during the prior week.

I have no advertisers  for the podcast (but that doesn’t mean I won’t) and the audience is slowly growing, but I do all of this to help others. I do it to share what’s worked for me and the guests I’ve had on the podcast to deal with life’s challenges, to encourage others to seek and accept help for dealing with their struggles, and to raise awareness about mental illness.

If you find the blog, podcast, and / or newsletter helpful, please help me to raise the profile on Better Me by:

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I appreciate each and everyone of you who give me some of your time as you read or listen to content from Better Me. I hope that I make it worthwhile for you. Thank you.

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