First Getaway in a Long Time

Hanging Hart Lake

I’m very lucky and I know it. I have a job that provides me with a good amount of paid vacation days and my wife and I make enough money to be able to go on a nice trip usually at least once per year.

Our last one was to Ottawa at the beginning of March 2019 to see the University of Saskatchewan Women’s Basketball Team compete in and win the national championship. Within days of returning, everything was locked down as the pandemic hit Saskatchewan (it’s still here by the way).

That was the last time I’d left Saskatoon until this past weekend when we made the two and half hour drive north to Prince Albert National Park. We stayed in a self-contained cottage at the Elkridge Resort.

The cottage was beautiful and we remarked about how it would even make a great house to live in year round. We went golfing twice, zip lining, hiking, and took some walks along various beaches. I meditated in front of the fireplace and we had more than a reasonable amount of ice cream. It was just what I needed – equal parts nature and nurture.

We’re hoping to make the same trek some time in the winter, exchanging golf and walks on the beach for snow shoeing and tobogganing, and ice cream for hot chocolate (though we did have some of that too).

Again, I’m know that I’m lucky to have the means to make this getaway and to live so close to such a beautiful place. I know that I’m lucky that we haven’t gotten COVID (we are fully vaccinated and wear masks everywhere). I know that I’m lucky that I can work from home. I know that I’m lucky to for having the people who can’t, but keep things running (doctors, nurses, teachers, fire fighters, police offices, grocery store workers, etc.).

I got to get away for a few days and soak in nature, which is one of the best things you can do for your mental health. I hope that you’re all finding some kind of way to “get away” even if that’s through meditation, reading a good book, playing a game with your children, or enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate.

Stay well.

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