Let Go of Control and Embrace The Ability to Adapt

Just yesterday at work we were talking about what lessons we’ve learned throughout the pandemic that we’ll take forward into the future. While I had thought about new habits and new projects I wanted to keep, I hadn’t given any thought to what lessons I’ve learned.

What came to me at that moment, has not only made me reflect but also made me feel like a bit of weight has come off my shoulders.

I have long been someone who likes to feel in control. When I can have it I feel confident, when I don’t I often feel anxious. With that question posed yesterday, I realized that the past two years have taught me that I don’t need to feel that way. When I remember that I have the tools and supports, that I can access those tools and supports, and that I should when I need to, I don’t have to be in control. I can adapt to what is thrown at me.

Before the pandemic, I already knew that I couldn’t always be in control, but I also knew that I hated that, and fought against that reality whenever possible. This hasn’t been good for my mental or physical health, for my relationships, or for me to be the person I want to be living my life as.

The more I think about how I really can just let myself be okay without being in control, and that I have what I’ll need to hold me up during those times (or pick me up if I fall), the more weight seems to be coming off of my shoulder, the easier it feels to keep moving forward.

Featured image courtesy of Amman Wahab Nizamani under a CC-BY-SA license.


  1. Sara Dzaman says:

    I really love this and resonate with it!! It’s a big lesson of the pandemic for me – I can’t always predict and control – but I can rely on the tool kit I’ve built and the people who surround me to adapt and thrive in all situations.

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