Don’t Make Adulting Harder

Man sitting in a chair looking frustrated

My wife and I were talking about various things going on and some decisions we need to make. I said, “Adulting is hard,” to which she responded, “there are people who make it harder. ”

She’s right. Some people make it harder on themselves by pushing people away instead of asking for help, or they ignore mistakes they’ve made in the past instead of learning from them, but that’s not what she was talking about. She was talking about when people make it harder for others.

They do this for a lot of different reasons, but some include:

  • They look at life or some parts of it as a game with winners and losers, and for them to win, everyone else has to lose
  • Their actions make life harder for others but don’t think about it / realize it. Too many people are happy living in ignorance of the suffering of others.
  • They want to hurt someone in particular or a group of people
  • They want to protect what they have (and maybe get even more) even if that means others suffer. Think of a billionaire who donates to politicians who will pass laws to protect him but gives nothing to feed those living in poverty.
  • Someone is making their life harder so they pass that treatment on to others.

Being an adult is hard. Try not to make it harder on yourself, and please don’t make it harder for others.

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