Hi, My Name is Heather and I’m Addicted to Bunnyhugs

Bunnyhug sweatshirt with definition

On our recent trip to the Prince Albert National park I bought a new bunnyhug (that’s a hoodie or hooded sweatshirt for those of you who don’t live in Saskatchewan). It’s blueish grey, soft, and very cozy. When I returned to our cottage with it (I bought it at the pro shop at the resort we were at), my wife kind of rolled her eyes at me even as she said it looked very comfortable.

Her reaction was warranted as I already had a ridiculous number of bunnyhugs at home. Having more than enough to wear a different one each day of the week is pretty ridiculous, but I hate to be cold and love to slip on a bunnyhug on cold days at home.

When I bought that one I already had two from the University of Saskatchewan (including one that says “Bunnyhug” and the definition of it); one from the Toronto Blue Jays; one from the LA Dodgers (from their playoff run in 2018 when I attended one of the games while visiting my parents in California); one from a visit to Austin, Texas; one from a trip to Halifax; one from a trip to Victoria, and one that says Wolf Pack from the book soccer star Abby Wambach and the name of my daughter’s baseball team a few years ago. In addition, I had a zip hoodie from a trip to Disneyland; a zip hoodie from Harvard from a trip to Boston; a zip hoodie that says Canada; and one plain black zip hoodie that I wear only for workouts.

Maybe I have a problem.

Anyway, I promised my wife, upon buying my latest bunnyhug, that I would purge my collection, which I did this weekend. My daughter is now the proud owner of the Victoria, Halifax, and Blue Jays bunnyhugs, and the Disneyland zip hoodie (she has a problem with how many bunnyhugs she has as well, but I only promised to purge my collection). The one from Austin and the zip hoodie that says Canada went in a donations box. I kept the ones that fit me well. I am now down to seven. Yes, that’s still a lot, but I wear all of them.

I have a similar “problem” when it comes to baseball hats, but I only got rid of two of those (they take up less room). I also have quite a few sweaters, including one new one I bought this weekend and will be purging from those as well.

I’ve tried to get rid of some of these bunnyhugs and sweaters before, mostly because I didn’t like how they looked on me (they got too small, especially since the start off the pandemic), but my recent decision to get rid of clothes that I won’t wear because of how they fit and frustrated me pushed me to finally rid myself of some items that I’d held on to because of memories. I still have the memories, but my hooks are now filled only with bunnyhugs that fit me.

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