Read Books? Consider Book Darts

Book Darts

I love books and I read a lot. I’ve realized that I’m reading even more since I made a conscious effort to reduce how much time I spend on social media.

In addition to loving books, there is a particular book-reading accessory that I have long been a fan of. Book Darts are these handy little pieces of brass with one side shaped like an arrow. While a bookmark will remind you where you were last reading in a book, within two pages, you can slip a Book Dart onto a page and point it at the exact line where you left off. And unlike bookmarks, I’ve never had any problems with one falling out.

Why buy 50 or more Book Darts to mark where you are in a book? They are also handy to mark a passage that was important and you’ll want to come back to (although, I often don’t).

There are of course other options. You can use paper or plastic tabs to mark important passages, but they’re single-use and can’t be moved throughout the book without eventually losing their stickiness or damaging pages. There are magnetic page markers, and I have a few, but they’re bulkier and not as good at marking specifically where you are on a page. They are also more expensive. Finally, you could just use a paperclip, but they can quite easily damage a page as you place or remove it.

A tin of 50 is about $13 CDN, and less in the U.S. and I’ve always purchased them from Lee Valley, but you can get them elsewhere or through the Book Darts website where I see there are other options for types and number in a package.


  1. Brian says:

    I think you’ve made a convert :) I’ve never been a fan of marking up a book with pen or highlighter, even back in university days, but I don’t want to stop reading and pull out a device (which can lead to notifcation distraction) to capture an important quote or reference.

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