A Change of Scenery

Birch tree

A lot of people have been staring mostly at the same walls for much of the past year plus. For people who are use to traveling abroad or even around their own town / city, this has likely been challenging, and they may be feeling desperate for a change of scenery.

For most people, travelling abroad is not yet an option. Traveling to another state / province or city may not even be an option just yet. So how can you get a different view?

For the past couple of weeks I’ve mostly been meditating outside instead of in our bedroom or the basement after a workout. I’ve been sitting on a bench we have on our back deck and before I close my eyes and after I open them my view is of our birch tree. Unlike the usual sounds in a house, I hear birds chirping. I feel the warmth of the sun and whatever breeze there is against my skin. My dog is still insisting on being nearby (I think she meditates via osmosis).

It may not be a beach somewhere, or visiting with family and friends, or cheering at a baseball game, but it’s a change of scenery and with even this small change, I’ve felt an uptick in my mood.

Do you need a change of scenery? Move an activity to your backyard. Rearrange furniture. Hang some new pictures or switch around some you already have on your walls or tables. The change doesn’t need to be big. Even small changes can make a bit difference until something more is possible.

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