I Don’t Need To Apologize For Living My Life

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For awhile, I don’t know exactly how long, I’ve blogged twice per week, with them being published Tuesday and Thursday, but not this week. This week I’m writing one post, and it’s not being published until Thursday. No apologize for this “lapse”. I’m living my life.

Monday was our daughter’s bat mitzvah. It was a hybrid in-person and Zoom experience because the in-person numbers had to be limited and the border is still closed. It was wonderful and we were so proud of her and all of the work she did to prepare, and there was absolutely no way I was going to write a blog post any time over the weekend or on Monday.

Better Me, the blog and the podcast are important to me, but not the most important. Not even close. My family, my health (physical and mental), my friends, my job at the university all take priority.

It’s worth noting, that things that are priorities sometimes need to get temporarily set aside to be able to show up the best that I can in those areas. For example, I need to take some time for myself every day to meditate and my family gets this. Meditating is good for my mental health, my focus, and makes me more patient with those around me, including my family.

Everyone person needs to know what their priorities really are and, when possible, make the time for them, including making the time to care for them self in order to show up in those priority areas. They need to do this while remembering nobody, absolutely nobody can do it all, and nobody can do any of it long-term without taking care of them self.

So, until next time …

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